HEDONY closed for business on the 16th of July – 2017, after 4 years in business. Branding, website, infrastructure & funding was provided by E-creation – the digital marketing specialists – who now use their unique, insider knowledge of the hair & beauty industry to offer a unique beauty / hair salon marketing package to startup salons. 

E-creation has developed a set of low cost, high impact online marketing tools to help salons that includes branding, business card & leaflet design, WordPress website, Facebook page, Google Business Listing and SEO package with a launch press release. This complete package starts from as little as £5,950 but can generate a 4 fold return on investment – DIRECTLY through digital channels – as documented below in the real world case of HEDONY.

For more information, contact Jan-Erik Paul on 0797 0793 933 for a free chat about how we can help your hair salon thrive through digital marketing.


The performance of HEDONY’s digital marketing is an example of best practice at work. The combination of website, Google Business profile / map listings and Facebook social media marketing account for £25,000 in new business revenue per year (roughly 1/3 of all new business revenue per year).


2,000 visitors per year
700 of those are new visitors to HEDONY site

Whilst working out a conversion rate on this is difficult but even if only 1 in 10 of just the new people who visit the website become a client, with an average new client spend of £35 per appointment and 4 appointments per year, the websites generates around £10,000 of new business per year.

Google Maps / Business listing

30 people per month visit website directly through Google
15 people per month request Google directions to get to HEDONY
10 people per month click the call button in Google listing to speak directly to HEDONY

With close to 3,000 total views per month and 55 verified customer actions per month, the average new client spend of £35 per appointment and 4 appointments per year converts into £17,000 of new business per year – directly through the Google Maps / Business listing

Facebook Marketing

350 current ‘Likes’
45 page views per month
3 actions per month (either clicking on the call button or requesting contact info)



Online bookings - a simple online booking system allows customers to make their appointments online (and for the salon to manage appointments using a simple online system) with an app for iPhone & Android users. See http://www.e-creation.co.uk/expert-app-website-development-for-hair-beauty-salons/ for more details.

Printable gift vouchers – online personalised, printable gift vouchers enable ‘loved ones’ to purchase a hair cut or beauty appointment as a gift or surprise creating sales opportunities within a different market.

Call back technology for instant sales – web technology enables website visitors to enter their phone number and instantly receive a call back from the salon, with 3rd party software that connects the salon instantly as a received call. This instant communication means better conversion rates into new customers.

E-commerce facilities for products – online shops can be easily built and represent a valuable revenue stream for salons who might otherwise see the business go to chains such as Boots or large retailers like Tesco. Hair & beauty products have large margins and can be more profitable than haircuts or treatments.

Twitter – instant communication of special offers sent directly to subscribing Twitter accounts lets you fill quiet periods of business rapidly, increasing overall profitability.

Of course, cost is always a key factor for smaller businesses but at E-creation we prove to our clients time and time again that a website is a business investment, the same as creating a leaflet for your reception or attractive signage for the front of the business. The only difference is that a website can be seen by a much larger audience and provides the chance to create new revenue.


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